Warehousing Solutions

Go Deep on Warehousing Solutions

The warehouse solution you choose needs to be scalable and flexible to keep your supply chain running smoothly and accommodate fluctuations in demand. We provide the optimal mix of dedicated and shared resource to improve inventory efficiency and accelerate your response to changing customer demand.

Creating and operating standardized warehouse solutions tailored to your needs, with high service levels and reliability that deliver bottom-line benefits is at the heart of our solutions.
Our Warehouse Management System collects data to inform your business decisions and our MySupplyChain web portal provides a single point of access to integrated supply chain functions. Enjoy near real-time warehouse inventory and stock levels and operational performance.

WAREHOUSING 4.0: The age of the smart warehouse

Traditional warehouses – or distribution centers (DCs) – are fast undergoing a transformation, thanks to two driving trends.

The first is a shift in the nature of fulfillment and distribution, driven by a revolution in customer expectations, order characteristics and service requirements. This trend is fueling a new kind of warehouse that is highly agile, extensible, responsive, and optimizes the capabilities of man and machine in a newly symbiotic relationship.

Secondly, warehousing is riding the wave of technology innovation, particularly in the physical/mechanical realm. Collaborative robotics, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, sensor technology, and the Internet of Things are converging to give birth to something new: the smart warehouse.

Maximize the Benefits of Outsourcing

Whatever your business, DHL believes your time, skills and knowledge should be focused on what you do best – without the distraction of difficult supply chain issues.
To achieve optimum results, DHL offers a comprehensive suite of robust solutions and services that will maximize the benefits of outsourcing some or all of your logistics operations.